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The Walden

The Walden are a gestalt race combining large mostly sedentary creatures who somewhat resemble intelligent trees, together with smaller creatures more reminiscent of monkeys or squirrels that act as their hands.

Perhaps because of their size, they never created artificial environments the way that other races have, and thus because they live more closely in the natural environment than others, they are more concerned with its well being.

Their large brains make them technologically adept, but they prize the biological and environmental sciences over all others. Their numbers increase slowly, due to the long time it takes for an individual to reach maturity.

They are peaceful and value all life, but can defend themselves if necessary, with warships that are mostly designed for security though maintaining air supremacy.

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The Walden ForestEdit

This is the default faction.

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The Free ForestEdit

This faction spawns after a colony riots for too long.

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