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The Unn

Maybe it's because their origins are unknown, maybe it's because their intentions are unknowable, or because their acts are unspeakable, they are called the Unn.

More of a culture than a race, since they are highly genetically modified, and no two individuals are the same, they have lived in space between the stars for eons, since before the Promethians brought the hyperdrive to the other races. They survive by raiding, piracy, extortion and sometimes trade. Their base ships roam the stars without the need to stay within range of planetary bases. Although they mostly live in space, they will occasionally settle a planet on a temporary basis to mine for minerals and construct new ships, or conduct research.

Beware the Unn. They extract their price from all those who are new to interstellar space. However, their sparse resources makes them difficult to play, and they are recommended only for advanced players.

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The Unn PiratesEdit

This is the default faction.

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The Unn FoundationEdit

Although the majority of the Unn prefer to live their lives in space, this group has chosen to use a planet as a permanent base. Compared to other races, they are poor at planetary administration, as they continue with the traditional Unn ways of piracy, raiding, extortion and trade.

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The Unn SplinterEdit

This faction spawns after a colony riots for too long.

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