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The Jellutions

The Jellutions are unusual among the intelligent races, in that they are soft-bodied, and evolved underwater, although they can also survive in air.

At some point in their history, they discovered the benefits of conducting chemistry and mineral extraction on dry land, and later in dry underwater chambers, and were thus able to create a technologically advanced society. Nevertheless, many processes are more difficult to carry out underwater, and this caused them to lean towards philosophy, deep thinking, and thought experiments.

They are generally friendly and peaceful, but believe that attack is the best form of defense, and this is reflected in their warships which are heavily armed, but a little light on protection.

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  • none

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The Jellution CollectiveEdit

This is the default faction.

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The ThinkersEdit

The Thinkers are a group of Jellution Scientists and Philosophers who have founded their own colony to pursue their interests. They are not aggressive or warlike, but nor are they friendly to outsiders. Their only interest is the pursuit of knowledge.

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The Jellution RebelsEdit

This faction spawns after a colony riots for too long.

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