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The Humans

Chances are, if you're playing this game, that you're one of these monkey descendents. Compared to some races, they are quite recently evolved, and their bright agile minds make them strong in technology, but also a little argumentative and prone to internal division.

They are also somewhat rooted in four dimensional space-time and have a hard time grasping the nuances of hyperspace and the psychic realm.Humans survived many wars and resource shortages before forming a democratic world government and launching into space.

They are exceptionally tolerant of alien species, and welcome any sentient beings into their alliance. Despite this, they remain adept in the arts of interstellar war

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The Human UnionEdit

This is the default faction.

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Pan Galactic Trade CorpEdit

This faction is a corporation specializing in interstellar trade. They have no fixed HQ, but have a mother ship that roams the stars with a small escort. They establish trading posts with various empires, and can trade artifacts from each race, with those of others. They also have a secret supply of older and rarer artifacts that they also derive much profit from.

Their sole interest is in making a profit. They seek to control colonies only if it is profitable to do so.

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The FaithfulEdit

Before the main effort of the Human world government to explore space, various private groups left Earth, and founded their own colonies. The largest of these was a religious group, who came to call themselves the Faithful. Sensing a pivotal time in galactic history, they are seeking to expand and spread the word by whatever means are available, be it diplomacy, trade or war.

Their interest in the spiritual realm has lead them to an interest in psychic technology,

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The Human RebelsEdit

This faction spawns after a colony riots for too long.

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