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The Cryokon

The vast majority of the sentient races of the galaxy evolved on similar planets with temperature ranges that allow the presence of liquid water. Not so the Cryokon. They hail from a frigid planet of liquid methane and ammonia. Evolving in such a low energy environment makes them slow growing, but having a constitution so unlike the other races makes them immune to the generic plague viruses that characterize the nastier sorts of interstellar war.

They thrive best on the icy planets that other races ignore, which allows the Cryokon to spread through the galaxy without having to compete for living space. Having evolved mainly underground, they are adept at mineral extraction.

Base Traits

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The Cryokon FederationEdit

This is the default faction.

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The Cryokon RebelsEdit

This faction spawns after a colony riots for too long.

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